What Is It?

XRAE is the most advanced project I have ever created. Built on a custom taglib based framework, and utilizing 8 programming languages (including one custom language called Risk Meta Language for which I have submitted a patent application). XRAE is a risk assessment platform with a single questionnaire (with over 600 personal medical questions) and over 100,000 underwriting rules programmed in a web based authoring environment that assesses the health class for 13 leading insurance carriers. XRAE is used as a pre-screener for a growing list of insurance carriers as well as a customer manager for thousands of field agents.

I grew this company from the initial idea, to the ultimate delivered product which in now maintained by sales people, technical support and underwriting experts.

What Technologies Did I Use?

XRAE is both a Java Web Application as well as a .NET Web Service (I ported the core library from Java to C#). It is supported by a rich array of Bash scripts and Ant based build automation and unit testing. It contains a full XML API (with XSL to style output) and links to 3rd party back end systems for extending the functionality of XRAE. It also has a SOAP based Web Service layer and SAML based authentication, and has a rich reporting API and a suite of reporting utilities. For the “find similar” feature demonstrated in the screen cast above, I wrote Java code that interfaced our Quote XML standard with Apache Lucene to leverage the wisdom of the network in making better underwriting decisions. On this project I was the inventor, architect, programmer (Java, JavaScript, C#, Bash, Ant, WSDL, XSL), CSS/HTML designer, system administrator (from a load balanced array of Ubuntu Linux servers, to the current configuration of managed servers at RackSpace running Red Hat Linux). I also wrote and composed the screen casts and early sales PowerPoints.