What Is It?

MixBox.mobi took the sharing aspect of Radio Mixtape and made it available on mobile phones using a duel WML 1.0 (think the Nokia 7110 from 1999) and XHTML-MP (phones from 2002 to today), interface and email and SMS sharing.

What Technologies Did I Use?

MixBox.mobi was a Java web application (built on the same code base as the Blue Jay Education projects). Using Tomcat as the app container, and MySQL for the back end (it used a custom ORM called libBlueJay, this was developed before Hibernate was a viable solution). The interface was 100% valid XHTML-MP and WML 1.0 (with cleaver use of WML Cards). On this project I was the architect, developer, system administrator, XHTML-MP and WML designer and content author, as well as the manager of artists and label relationships.