GNLD (later rebranded as NeoLife)

What Is It?

For GNLD I designed and implemented 3 major projects, (a front facing consumer website), (a distributor facing/back office website with ecommerce) and a content management system. The and sites were built to support all of our markets and the CMS was built to manage teams in each country extend and maintain 27 translations. I personally led the translation efforts for 8 markets and handed over control of the code and CMS to teams in 4 countries. To date the systems are managed and being expanded globally.

What Technologies Did I Use? and are web applciation written in ASPx and C#. There is a heavy empasis on JavaScript (and AJAX patterns) for data views (which can be seen in the screen casts). The Content Management system is a Java Web Application (written for Tomcat 7) and uses the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework.